Live The Law Of Attraction And Manifest Your Best Life

Live The Law Of Attraction And Manifest Your Best Life

The law of attraction is your path to aligning your vibration and living your dream life.

After writing Becoming The One, people constantly ask me, as an 8-figure Manifestation Queen, how they can change their lives.


What does it take? How can I change when I feel so stuck in my ways? Is it even possible to transform my life?


I am here to tell you that it is absolutely possible – and I’m living proof.


I transformed my life, from an unsatisfied and burnout Registered Nurse to building a mind-blowing 8-figure business, in just under two years!


Here’s how I transformed my life– and how you can too!


The Law of Attraction

I want you to live by faith and not by sight. I want you to know that manifestation comes from changing what is inside of you.


Whatever fodder, feelings, and fantasies you keep in your mind can absolutely be manifested in real life. It’s called visualization (or conscious daydreaming), and it can be used to help you realize your wildest dreams.


You Can Achieve Anything With Belief

Your belief is a powerful tool.


It is the power behind manifestation and the key to making your dreams possible.


It allows your goals to take a physical place in your conscious mind.


You can step into your future self and align your vibrational energies to that state.


Take action towards achieving your dream with a positive mindset.


Here’s how you can tap into that power.


1. Be Clear With Yourself & The Universe

The universe needs direction to give us what we want. And if you aren’t clear with yourself then the results of your manifestation will be unclear.


The first step to achieving your goals through manifestation is to create a roadmap to your end goal. You want to take yourself to your “desired state”. The one that you know your future self will one day live.


The more detailed and clear the vibrations you send out are the stronger the reverberations of your dreams will be. Our amazing universe is absolutely responsive and will respond to whatever you believe without judgment.


Even if it’s negative.


2. Start A Journal

The first way to cement your dreams into reality is by physically writing them down.


How does your future self live?


Make a detailed, written list of everything you would like to achieve, and put it in the present tense. That’s the best way to prepare for the best visualization outcome.


3. Make a Vision Board

A vision board is different than the process of visualization in the same way as journaling. The former is in the physical realm while the latter is within your mind.


I want you to do both of these things to strengthen the vibrations you send out as much as possible.


To make your vision board, gather images from magazines: gorgeous beach resorts, beautiful homes, actively healthy people, whatever strikes your fancy to illustrate the new lifestyle you want to create. The resulting vision board helps remind your mind of what you’re seeking.


4. Visualize

Once you are clear about your new life, try to create specific scenes in your mind. Visualize being at that beach resort with the sun shining, the kids playing in the pool, a drink in your hand!


5. Stay Positive

Your imagination is one of the strongest tools at your disposal, and I want you to get the most out of it.


By creating a positive and forward-thinking mindset you can align your mood to your visualizations. This will improve the results of your manifestations. Emotions can temper our minds. So try your visualization in different states of mind (happy, sad) to see the results for yourself.


As you dive deeper into your emotions, pay attention to how the space around you plays its role.


Where is your happy place? Where can you take some time to relax that makes you the most content?


Some Of My Favorite Places:

  • My couch
  • In my office
  • In my car as I drive around town
  • A hotel suite overlooking Rodeo Drive

Before bed is a great time to visualize: As you’re falling asleep, your subconscious mind continues to work, so it might as well focus on your amazing goals instead of on all the aggravations of the day.


You may also find that the start of the day is your prime time to visualize. Do whatever works for you!


6. Meditate

I get myself into a meditative state at the start of every visualization. You can do this by focusing on slow, steady breathing for a couple of minutes. Then move into the visualization. As you watch yourself living your dream life, notice the scents, the people, the sounds of what you are celebrating, etc.


Feelings are a key aspect of visualization. It’s not all about what you are feeling, but more about how it feels when you have accomplished your dream goals.


I use music to help me tap into my emotions, by playing my favorite instrument piece. It is a relaxing way to guide myself into the joys of health, abundance, and gratitude.


7. Always Practice Gratitude

Now, I saved the most important step for last.


When I visualize my dream life, I make special notes of all the things I am grateful for as I have achieved it all.


Gratitude is my secret weapon.


Try it for yourself. Make your visualizations a daily habit, and it will move your body towards the goal of your dream life every day.


Anything is possible with belief. Find out how.