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Have you felt it in your soul that it’s time for a change, but haven’t known where to start? You are not the only one who has felt this way. We all want more in our lives! The idea that we can manifest our lives into what we want is one of the most powerful tools in existence. Embrace the moment and explore how this concept can work for you!

Coaches and mentors often find themselves in a rut, struggling to get the desired results. It can be frustrating when nothing seems to work, no matter how hard you try. The Modern Mentor is all about helping entrepreneurs and coaches take control of their businesses. We’re here to revolutionize the way you make money.

If you’re feeling lost in your career, it’s time to take control and turn it around. This is your opportunity to be daring and become a leader by leading yourself! You are meant for so much more.

Don’t let your career slip through the cracks.

You owe it to yourself!

If you’re an entrepreneur, a current coach, or someone looking to make a change in their career and is ready to learn how manifestation and business work together,

then this program is for YOU!

If you’re not getting the results that satisfy your business needs, it’s time to do more than just lean in.

The Modern Mentor was crafted carefully with the intent of helping entrepreneurs and coaches take control of their businesses.  You’re going to learn how you can attract more clients and gain prosperity! It doesn’t matter what stage of business success or failure; this method has been designed for everyone who wants it all.

Introducing a bold new program for coaches that teaches how to create global impact and the modernization of old coaching skills.


Intensive Course

that includes 16 lessons on manifestation & business


A combination

of both the feminine and masculine energetics


Six months

of Live teachings twice weekly with Kathleen and her team



 for networking and masterminding

You are about to embark on a career-changing experience that you have never seen before


For current coaches

wanting to re-launch, create a new model, take their career to the next level with ease and flow


For aspiring coaches

looking to manifest their dream life through coaching/mentoring space


Chief Wealth Creator,
Leader, and best selling author

Kathleen Cameron, Chief Wealth Creator, 8-figure entrepreneur, and record-breaking author. In just 2 years, she built a $10 Million dollar business and continues to share her knowledge and expertise with all of whom she connects with. Kathleen started her leadership journey as a Registered Nurse. That journey expanded into entrepreneurship when she began exploring and working in the coaching field in 2017.  She quickly realized that working for herself and being present with her daughters was truly possible, and she went for it.


Kathleen resigned from her senior leadership position in healthcare to be fully self-employed in 2019; at the start of the pandemic, Kathleen was terrified – however, she was able to share her story with people who were suddenly going through economic & emotional stress caused by the COVID-19 pandemic on a global level. The rise of people looking to change their lives was insurmountable – Kathleen saw this as her calling. 


Starting Diamond Academy Coaching Inc in January 2020, Kathleen Cameron has impacted thousands of lives, generated multiple millions in income from coaching programs and supporting courses, co-written a book, written a book, guest appeared on numerous podcasts, and so much more yet to come! 


With her determination, unwavering faith, and powers of manifestation, she has helped over 100,000 people attract more love, money, and success into their lives. Her innovative approaches to Manifestation and utilizing the Laws of Attraction have led to the creation of one of the top global success networks, Diamond Academy Coaching, thousands of students have been able to experience quantum growth. The force behind her magnetic field has catapulted many students into a life beyond their wildest dreams, and she is just getting started. Kathleen helps others step into their true potential and to become the best version of themselves with their goals met.


Her book, “The One ” published by Hasmark publishing, launched in August 2021 became an International Best Seller in five countries on the first day. 


The Modern Mentor

You will become empowered with the knowledge of attracting what matters most in your life. And with this learning, you will be able to mentor others to do the same.

This Program


Kathleen has taken years of leading incredible teams and training with top mentors and now brings you the most comprehensive training program available.

It’s time to live a life that makes your soul sing and bank account ring. Join The Modern Mentor and start revolutionizing your legacy through the impact of manifestation meets business. 

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The three



Coaching Excellence

Before you can have a successful coaching business, you must first master the foundation of coaching. In the first trimester of the program, students are taken through the foundations of coaching.


Business Expertise

Once you have demonstrated the commitment, connection, and confidence to be a coach, it is time for you to level up your business. In the Second Trimester, you are given a crash course on business development and growth.


Certification Support

In the last semester of your certification program, you will be guided and supported as you implement your new learnings and demonstrate a deep understanding of how to be an effective coach and grow your business.

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What to


01 | Coaching Excellence

What We Will Be Covering

  • The power of Self-Image as a coach and how to align with the right self-image for success as a coach.
  • The role your self-image plays in your abilities and techniques as a coach.
  • How to create and implement your personalized coaching identity for continued success.
  • Stepping into your role as a coach. The What, Why, and How.
  • Principles of the Millionaire Mindset and how to obtain high levels of success as a coach.

02 | Business Expertise

What We Will Be Covering

  • How to structure your coaching business for long-lasting success.
  • How to sell your coaching services (and who to sell to).
  • Marketing & Branding for high ticket coaching programs.
  • Organic growth techniques and how to drive more engagement with less work.
  • How to sell out your launch, every time, and the power behind the right sales pitch.
  • How and when to effectively scale your coaching business.

03 | Certification Support

What We Will Be Covering

  • Sales practice and continued mentorship to help you confidently sell out your coaching offer every launch.
  • Review of beneficial course materials.
  • Introduction into the coaching business and continued opportunities to demonstrate your coaching skills via the certification process (number of coaching hours completed).
  • Credited hour review and support.
  • Certification final exams (can be completed beforehand with approval) from Kathleen.







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