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The Secret Law Of Attraction That’s Shaping Your Life

The Secret Law Of Attraction That’s Shaping Your Life

The Law of Attraction is a universal truth that has been around for centuries. It dictates how our lives are shaped by the things we think about, say, and do. Successful people have used this law to shape their destiny in every area of life – from relationships to careers. And you can too! Read on to find out how.


What Is The Secret Law Of Attraction?

The law of attraction in its simplest form refers to the idea that whatever we focus on will end up manifesting in our lives either intentionally or unintentionally. Whether it be thoughts, feelings, words, action, or lack thereof, your thoughts and feelings alone control your reality and dictate the direction you’re heading in life. Let’s break down how this works.


If you’re thinking about something obsessively, it will show up in your life, whether that be a person or a thing. This could mean the object of your desire shows up at work one day. Perhaps a romantic partner finally gets back to you after years of silence, or maybe even an opportunity pops out of nowhere and lands on your lap.


This is where the law of attraction gets interesting. Your thoughts and feelings about what you are thinking or focusing on will manifest either positive or negative experiences in your life. An example would be if you were to obsessively think about winning the lottery (positive) versus constantly worrying yourself sick over whether you want to bet on the horses (negative).


The latter is an example of how thoughts and feelings can manifest negatively, but there are also many positive manifestations that this law grants us. If you were to think about your ideal house or car, for instance, it will turn up, in reality, sooner rather than later. It may not be exactly as you imagined it, but something similar will arrive in your life. The same goes for anything else you can think of – opportunities come and go all the time, so keep thinking about what you want!


You Can’t Force The Law Of Attraction To Give You What You Want

The biggest key to utilizing the law of attraction properly is patience and persistence. You can’t just sit around and expect the universe to send you anything in particular, but if you’re persistent about something. Whether it be a new job opportunity or finding love, for example, the chances will increase.


Think of it as a waiting room. When projecting an idea, it gets sent out to the universe and placed into a waiting room. There’s no telling how long it could stay there before manifesting in the physical world, but increasing your vibrations can speed up the process. If you are constantly worried about when your manifestations will appear, you will only send negative energies into the universe and receive the same in return.


Have faith that in time the universe will provide you with whatever you dream of as long as you are clear and unwavering in your desire.


Are There Limits To The Law Of Attraction?

The only limit to the powers of the secret law of attraction is you. And I mean that in the nicest way possible. You can achieve whatever you want if you truly believe in the power of the universe. But doubting the law of attraction will get you nowhere.


The most fabulous manifestation queens and kings in the world possess a complete conviction in themselves and the universe. They know that they can have anything they desire given the correct energies and the right amount of time. And the results have been amazing to see.


What do you want to manifest? 

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