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Luxury IS a feeling. Not a price tag

It is something we are all worthy of. It is not only for the chosen but for us all. When you begin to see this…. your entire world changes.

How different would you be if you spent 60 days thinking of nothing but luxury, I will teach you how I made the impossible possible?

Do you want more money but cannot seem to increase how much you bring in?

Do you love the idea of living in wealth and luxury but don’t see it for yourself any time soon?

Do you spend more time worrying about money than dreaming about having it?

Do you think to yourself “I would love to do or have that?”.

These are the same questions that filled my mind for years until I discovered the power I had within myself to create an abundant life with ease.

Power is Within You

Less than 2 years ago I changed my money story for good and my entire world has changed. From making less than 6 figures a year to over 8 figures in 20 months, something shifted within me. I learned how to manipulate the energy around money. Money is used as the exchange of energy and is available for use in our expansion. It is something to truly be grateful for. This may not make sense right now- but it will.


When we give money power it controls us – but I took the power back. And it’s your time to take it back too. I am committed to sharing my learning so you can change what’s in your world. But I cannot do it for you, the power is within you, and you ONLY.

8 Week Program

4 LIVE lessons w/ Kathleen

4 Q & A sessions

Includes embodiment practice and worksheets,
FB group to share learnings, aha moments, and wins. Be in the energy of other souls connecting to their inner wealth.

I will share my personal expansions related to money for you to see how my thinking has evolved.

What we will cover:

I will take you on a journey to discover your current money story, replace it with the new more abundant story and enter into the feeling of luxury that is available to you. I will help you uncover limitations in your relationship with money, and allow you to begin to operate on a new frequency.


This program is for action takers willing to transform their relationship with money.