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5 Techniques To Manifest What You Desire Most In Life And Business

5 Techniques To Manifest What You Desire Most In Life And Business

Have you ever had a vision of what you want your life to look like? Have you created an image of the perfect partner, the perfect job, or the perfect house in your mind? If so, this blog post is for you. Five techniques will help manifest what it is that you desire most in life and business.


Live The Life You Want To Be Living

I include this step first because it is so critical but simultaneously elusive. The main problem that people at every level of their quantum journey face is the ‘how’.


How are you meant to live a life that doesn’t exist yet?


You can’t go out there and purchase your dream home and everything you desire without achieving ultimate financial success first. Likewise, you can’t hop on a private jet and go hang out with some of the most brilliant minds in the world. At least not yet.


But there are significant mindset changes that you can make on the individual level that will drastically change your mindset and relationship with success. Here’s a great example of living your dream life from Kathleen Cameron in her book “Becoming The One.” 


“You would think I would have stopped there. Nope. I decided to take things one step further and fly home first class. The cost was only $500, but after spending so much on a purse, I felt a little tense booking it. I knew I needed to behave NOW like I had what I wanted. I got on that plane, in pod seats as I’d hoped, and there were two very successful coaches who were at the top of their game in first class with me. Nothing happens by accident; it all aligns when we allow it to.“


When you can break apart those mental chains that prevent you from spending even just within your means, you can start to reap the benefits of your manifestations. The next step is to take those dreams and make them even stronger.


Use Emotions To Empower Your Visualizations

Unfortunately, most of us are taught that our emotions can only hold us back from success because they make us irrational. The common consensus is that those who achieve the most success are either less sensitive to their emotions or have learned to suppress them altogether. To think entirely rationally in all decisions, both in business and in life.


Well, the Masters of Manifestation have spoken otherwise. They know from experience that a heightened emotional sensitivity can act as a lightning rod for your dreams. It’s all about association. When you can connect something in your mind with powerful emotion, it aligns all of your energies towards achieving that goal.


The universe is smart enough to pick up on these vibrations and can use them to give you exactly what you desire instead of just giving you something close.


Practice Gratitude 

While we attempt to align our vibrational energies with only positive ideas, getting caught up in the weeds is easy. Specifically, as we focus on what is holding us back and not what has brought us to where we need to be.

I know that it’s easy just to say “be positive” and expect good things to happen, but the truth is that being positive is hard when times are. But, there is one critical secret that I want to let you in on.


The things that we think hold us back are the same things bringing us exactly where we need to be to succeed. So there is always something to be grateful for in our experiences. Even if it is just a lesson learned.


Once you can learn to be grateful for anything that comes your way, you can open yourself fully to receive from the universe.


Be Open To Recieve

As we ask the universe to provide for us, we must simultaneously be open to receiving its gifts. There is no point in Manifestation without this crucial step. And while you may think it easy to be open to receiving, several limiting beliefs can stand in your way. 

  • I’m Not Good With Money 
  • I’ll Never Be Rich
  • Manifestation Takes To Long It Must Not Work
  • I’m Not As Smart As These Other Successful People
  • You Need To Be Lucky To Be Successful
  • You Need To Work Hard To Be Successful

Any number of these beliefs could be holding you back from manifesting your dream life. So take a look inwards at your beliefs, and begin dismantling your negative mindset.


Recognize The Signs That The Universe Leaves Us

The universe is constantly communicating with us and leaves us signs when we are on the right track. Of course, everyone’s signs are different, but it is common for someone to have a symbol or sigil that appears to them.


“I was reading a book by Gabrielle Bernstein called The Universe Has Your Back, and I absolutely loved it. She told a story about choosing a sign, something that you see as a message from the universe that you are on the right path. She had chosen an owl, and I chose a butterfly. It just came to me, and it was the middle of winter, so the likelihood of seeing one was slim. However, butterflies started showing up in very interesting places. As I was trying to decide if I should transition away from my network marketing business and move over to full-time coaching, my upline gave me a card congratulating me on my coaching success, and on the front was a butterfly. I was worried about disappointing her, so the butterfly was a message from the universe that I was going on the right path, that she would be okay, that no one would be let down.”

-Kathleen Cameron, Becoming The One



You are capable of manifesting anything that you want in life and business. There is an inexhaustible well of power waiting within us to be used. With these 5 techniques, you will see better results from your manifestations, but that’s not all there is to it. Learn more about bringing your dreams into reality from the best!


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