How To Be Magnetic Because You Can live Your Dreams Today

How To Be Magnetic Because You Can live Your Dreams Today

The law of attraction is simple in essence. Believe that you are going to achieve your dreams, and you will. Eliminate all of the limiting beliefs that hold you back, including those fears that you will never have enough to get by or that only a special few can reach true wealth. There is no limit to what you can achieve when you align your entire being towards your goal. In this post, you’re going to discover four simple ways that you can turn yourself into a magnet for positivity and live your wildest dreams.



The Magnetic Bank Account

This one is an interesting idea that I learned of recently. In the spirit of opening yourself up to receive money, you must first create a separate savings account where all of your manifested earnings will be deposited.


It sounded strange to me at first, but once I had gone through it in my mind, it made perfect sense to have somewhere for the universe to leave your gifts. Sort of like putting out a Christmas Tree. It’s a great decoration, but really we do it with the intention of receiving gifts from our loved ones.


A non-denominational way to think about it would be like a mailbox. Everyone has one because everyone expects to receive mail. Not all of the mail we receive is worth opening, but the act of simply having a mailbox allows us to receive it.


Enviormental Magnestism

The most potent form of magnetism is, in my opinion, your environment. Who and what you choose to surround yourself with directly impacts what you will receive from the universe.


For example, if you are constantly around people who are succeeding, you two will gain some of that positive influence. Of course, you will still need to open your energies up to those beneficial flows for this quantum shift to work. The opposite would be spending all of your time being jealous and judgmental of your successful friends. Those negative thoughts will only translate back into the quality of your quantum leaps.


There is also your physical location to think about. If you are in an area imbued with abundance and gratitude, then those feelings will seep into you. These areas can be hard to find and even recognize, but I am of the belief that you’ll know deep in your soul once you find the right place.



Future Forward Magnetism

Now let’s move on to the most talked-about method of manifestation, which is leaving your future life in the present. And not only is this the most discussed method, but it’s also the hardest to achieve. Though, it isn’t impossible by any means.


The hardest part for most students of manifestation is wrapping their brains around the concept of living their dream life in the present. No one can just walk into a mansion with a pillow and blanket and call it theirs. (I don’t doubt that someone has tried.)


Living in the future doesn’t have to be nearly as drastic as that. It can be as simple as shifting your mindset forward. One of my favorite shifts in Kathleen’s mindset is this.


Before Kathleen reached the wild 8-figure heights that she has today, money was an issue. Like it is for most of us right now. She used to go shopping, and every time she got to the counter and saw the price, she’d take something out. The fear of overspending was consciously causing her to limit her spending unnecessarily. And that belief that she couldn’t afford what she wanted was inhibiting her ability to raise her income to a level where she could.


So what did she do? She stopped taking out that extra item. In fact, she walked right into a designer label and bought exactly what she wanted. Then, she rode that high on the flight home and upgraded her airplane ticket to first class. And in that first-class seat, she ended up right next to two of the most successful coaches in the industry.


Sound like a coincidence? Why not try it out and decide for yourself?



Your Secret Weapon

There’s one more thing I want to add to this lesson about magnetism, and it’s your secret weapon. Trust.


Trust means having complete faith that you will achieve all of your goals. The universe does work in your favor, but it listens to all of your thoughts and emotions. One of the most inhibiting limitations in manifestation is becoming discouraged because you don’t see immediate results.


Manifestation is like a vortex. When you send out an idea, it waits in that cyclone of dreams and beliefs until the perfect time. Your dreams will come back to you. But only the universe knows when you’ll need it.


Keep believing.


If you need help with your manifestations, reach out to one of our success advisors. They’d love to hear from you!