How To Manifest 5 Impossible Things Before Breakfast

How To Manifest 5 Impossible Things Before Breakfast

Do you wish for something more?  Maybe a new job, a better relationship, or even just some extra money to spend on the weekend. Well, it turns out that all you need is your thoughts and feelings to make whatever you want to happen.

The word “manifestation” has become popular in recent years because of its ability to create what one desires. This article will provide steps on how to manifest anything with ease!

What Is Manifestation?

Manifestation is the act of bringing an idea into the physical world through an alignment of your spiritual energies. It is something that we do every day, without even realizing it. So, for example, if you focus on sad thoughts every day, you will inevitably manifest sadness into your life. Which is what we are trying to avoid and do the opposite of.

Everything around us is made of the same energy; rocks, grass, water, and trees. Even the phone you are reading this post on is just energy in another form. So through manifestation, we are using these energies to bring dreams into physical form. This process works because of the first of the seven natural laws- the perpetual transmutation of energy.

Think of it as putting something into your Amazon Prime cart and then having faith that it will show up at your front door. We don’t need to call Jeff Bezos every 5 minutes to be sure that it shows up. All it takes is to ask for what we want and wait.


Identify Your Dream

So, obviously, to ask for what we want, we must first identify it. You will not be able to manifest anything until you can commit your mind and emotions entirely towards achieving it.


There must be intentionality in your manifestations because you can’t just manifest anything you want. There has to be a need for it. So if you are manifesting 30,000, then what are you going to do with it? Are you going to spend it on a house or a new car? 


With money especially, the dollar amount doesn’t usually matter. The money allows us to do what is important, such as supporting our parents financially in their retirement or enabling us to spend more every day with our children because you don’t have to worry about that financial burden. Think about what freedoms your dream will give you and focus on that instead.

Visualize The Outcome That You Wish To Manifest 

Once you know what you want to manifest, then you can start visualizing. The process of visualizing helps you to align your energies towards your dream.


Pay attention to yourself. What raises and lowers your vibrations? How can you change your life so that you are always maintaining a positive attitude?


“Change your conception of yourself, and you will automatically change the world in which you live.” – Neville Goddard. 


Ask for what you want in the present tense, and feel the gratitude and positive emotions as if you had already achieved your goal. Then, start spending the money in your mind. What exactly will you spend that 30,000 dollars on? Maybe first, you’ll take your significant other out to a nice dinner to celebrate before finally updating your wardrobe and doing that kitchen redesign.


We want to be as detailed as possible when asking for what we want. Or else the universe may give us what it thinks we want, but which isn’t quite right. Think about how good it will feel when you finally trade out your old Volkswagen for a brand new Tesla. Imbue your visualizations with the proper emotions to make them even more powerful. 

Remain Open To Receive

In the steps to manifestation, this is where your persistence will come in. There’s no other way around it. We are going to ask the universe for what we want over and over again until we get it. The opposite of persistence is procrastination, and no one has ever achieved what they dreamed about by procrastinating. It will come down to your ability to accept a new belief. For example, if you are trying to manifest a million dollars, you will have to believe that you can earn a million dollars fully.


The real kicker is that you can’t focus on the how whatsoever. If you try too hard to stress and force your manifestation, you are putting yourself in a resistance state. When you are really manifesting, it will feel like you are achieving massive goals without even trying. You will be in a constant state of flow.

Be Patient And Confident That You Will Receive What You Want

There is an extremely powerful idea put forward by Esther Hicks that thinks of manifestation as a vortex. When you are focused on and visualizing a goal, you are sending it out into a vortex, which is the place in-between the spiritual and physical worlds, where your ideas wait for their proper time to be brought into reality.


One thing that can really mess this up is doubt. If you start to doubt that your dreams will ever come true, then they simply never will. You have to have patience and believe that the universe will provide for you in its own time. After that, you’re going to let go of any fears, doubts, worries, or resistances.


In place of all of these things, you are going to have absolute trust. That means having absolute trust in your own powers and that of the universes to give you what you want.  If you truly believe that you will get what you want, you can never actually fail because what you are waiting for hasn’t arrived yet.


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