Is Manifestation Real?: 10 Signs Which Happen In The Days Before Your Dreams And Desires Come True From Manifesting

Is Manifestation Real?: 10 Signs Which Happen In The Days Before Your Dreams And Desires Come True From Manifesting

Is manifestation real? It absolutely is, and when you practice it, you will attract your desires into your life because they are attracted to your vibration. The path to manifestation is long and hard, especially if the goal is substantially huge. When you are on a manifestation journey, it would help to keep the spirits high if you get some indication about how far you have progressed and how near your goal is – signs your manifestation is close.


The challenges in your life are starting to feel like a blessing.

Tough times will happen in your life from time to time. You have the power of your thoughts and reactions. When we start believing in what we manifest and choosing how we see these challenges, they become more and more like blessings—a lesson to be learned. 


You are consistently dreaming about your desire because of your subconscious.

When you spend your time in meditation and manifestation, envision the life you want most. You will begin to dream in your sleep about these desires. They will feel so real. This is your subconscious. You do not have to wonder where your subconscious is taking you because it’s already there. Your subconscious has been influencing everything from the desires that manifest in our lives to how we interact with others and even what colors attract us most!


You are overwhelmed with feelings of excitement for no apparent reason.

There are many ways to tell if you’re about the see results of your manifestation practices or not. One of those signs can be feeling satisfied for no apparent reason- this may mean manifestation has come close to await its arrival with anticipation. When you are excited about something, it’s most likely that your subconscious mind has revealed a secret communication from the Universe. Manifestation is coming your way soon, so get ready!


You’re feeling happy, content, excited, and positive at the possibility of changes in your life.

As your manifestation nears its realization, you will eliminate any negative feelings of excitement, and happiness will replace them. This is the act of receiving. When you have the mental space to receive, anything is possible. Especially true happiness, excitement, and feelings of bliss. Let yourself experience this pure joy. 


You are on the right path. The Universe gives you everything you need to succeed and be happy in life.

Manifestation is more than just thinking about what you want and then getting it. It’s a process that involves raising your vibration to experience the things of this world as though they were indeed yours. As you progress along the stages of manifestation, your energy levels rise, and a spiritual awakening occurs. Trust the process even when you think the Universe has forgotten you.


You act as a magnet for splendid things.

Your life’s greatness draws you to all the great happenings meant for you. You were like a plant that needed to be watered, but you didn’t know how. You had no idea what would make your life exciting and fulfilled. All of a sudden, something happened, and now it’s as if everything has finally come into focus for you! Manifestation.


Your negative relationships are starting to fall away, and you’re attracting those who are positive.

You can finally let go of the harmful people in your life. The manifestation process is like a game of chess. You are moving your energy higher and higher to get what you want from life. This challenging work will be worth it in the end; you can finally relax knowing that negativity has completely been removed from your world.


You have stopped thinking about manifestation daily. 

When you started on your journey to manifestation, it is no surprise that before long, the obsession had set in. The research and focus were all about achieving your goals – how can we not be caught up with wanting what our heart desires? As your journey continues on your path of manifestation, you will lose the desire for such intense practices. Why? Because once you start living as the wish fulfilled, you know the Universe will always answer.