How You Can Use Spiritual Manifestation To Discover Your Dreams

How You Can Use Spiritual Manifestation To Discover Your Dreams

The art of and definition of spiritual manifestation is to materialize the beliefs you hold physically. Your Spiritual Manifestation is the act of making your desires and dreams a reality by meditating and thinking positively every day.

We all have dreams. We all want things in life. But, do we know how to achieve them? To fulfill what we want or to manifest our goals, there are some steps that we should practice in our lives. In this blog, learn how to manifest what you want in your life and make your dreams become a reality.

Here are a couple of dos and don’ts of spiritual manifestation and how to ensure you are putting yourself in the best position to manifest.

Don’t: Expect exactly what you want to drop in your lap. You may think that making a vision board and writing down 1,000 affirmations in your journal will magically create the thing for which they’re written. Unfortunately, this isn’t always how things work. When we make vision boards or repeat affirmations like “I am confident,” it offers us some clarity on what our goals might be. We can become so focused on what we want to happen that it clouds our judgment.

We end up spending too much time and energy thinking about an outcome rather than taking action towards achieving them. When we do this, we cut off Universal guidance and shift into manic manifesting.

Do: Trust that the Universe has a plan for you. Manifesting isn’t about having complete control or satisfying all our short-term desires. Manifesting is about receiving the highest good for all. We indeed attract what we want. But controlling outcomes to get just one thing is not the goal! The reward for being patient and taking the long view is that you will attract exactly what your heart desires.

Incorporate Manifesting Into Your Everyday Life

Don’t save your manifesting practices for one particular time and place. 

It’s common to think that manifesting is something you do only while in your Zen den, on your meditation pillow, with every crystal lined up and candle lit. When you compartmentalize your spiritual practices like this, you’re cutting off the flow of inspiration. There’s no need to feel restricted by inspiration. It can come at any time or place, even while doing other things! 

Do: Make manifesting part of your daily life!

Instead of saving your manifesting practices for “special” places and times, infuse them into your daily life. Manifesting is like breathing. You can’t do it consciously, but you are always doing the work of manifesting and attracting — just in your unconscious mind!


  • Commit to meditating every morning, even if that means sitting in stillness for a couple of minutes and tuning in with your breath
  • Turn to prayer when you want support or guidance.
  • Practice appreciation and gratitude
  • Stay aware of your finances to help attract abundance.
  • When in your mindset, be sure to cultivate the feeling you want

Use these gratitude steps to help you live a life full of spiritual manifestation and create an abundance of spiritual wealth.


  • Journaling. Writing down what you are grateful for in a journal can help bring your desires to fruition. Every day, write down several things you’re grateful. Keep it simple, keep focused and write!
  • Thank the people in your life. Write a thank-you note once a week to someone to express your appreciation for them. Handwritten notes are so meaningful and will hold the vibration of gratitude in which you write them.
  • Feel Good About Yourself. We all deserve to be treated with love and kindness, so it’s time for you to give yourself the appreciation you deserve. Take note of the increase in joy, peace, and gratitude that you are creating in your own life.
  • Be thankful for the people who are a part of your life. Celebrate the knowledge of how grateful we should be by taking time out every day to think about all those moments spent with them! Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day hustle that life becomes.

Be willing and able to put your mind and inner work to the test. Good fortune and opportunities will present themselves. Allow these practices to transport you to a world where everything is just as you dreamed.