A Guide To 21 Awesome Manifestation Examples You Can Use For Your Spiritual Manifestation Journey Starting TODAY

A Guide To 21 Awesome Manifestation Examples You Can Use For Your Spiritual Manifestation Journey Starting TODAY

The Everyone's Guide to Manifestation and Achieving Your Best Life

Are you starting your journey into using the law of attraction and looking for manifestation techniques? Here are some tips for manifesting.

What is manifesting, and how does it work to make your dreams a reality?

To keep it simple, the basic premise of manifestation is turning thoughts into reality, but it’s not just about wishing and thinking it will come true. Manifestation is about using actions, emotions, beliefs, and habits to create your own reality. To create the life you want, it’s necessary to be intentional about what goes on in your world. You must de-program everything that is not serving and take action with those things which will provide value for yourself or others. 

The task at hand isn’t always easy, but when we’re committed, then anything becomes possible! 


Also, while manifestation is considered a practice, it’s something we do all day, every day, whether we’re aware of it or not. According to the law of attraction, what energy you put into the world is what you get back (even if it’s subconscious), so the manifestation practice is more intentional with how we create our own lives.

Can you fail at manifestation, or does it always work when needed?

The Law of Attraction is a law that operates in the Universe, and like any other law, it can be sabotaged by our own actions. Here are four behaviors that can cause the Law of Attraction to fail. How many of them do you make? When you become aware of these behaviors, you can learn how to stop doing things that cause the Law of Attraction failure. 

1.Wonder where it’s at.

This is where so many people fail with the Law of Attraction. By nature, people are impatient. They know what they want, and they want it now. You have to be vibrating at the same energy frequency as your desire. Writing a list or finding pictures in a magazine doesn’t change your vibrational frequency. You need to have complete trust that the Law of Attraction is working. Overcome the resistance, and you’ll be at peace knowing that change is coming.
2.Don’t believe that you can attract your desire.

You might say to yourself, “I DO believe.” However, if this has failed to bring your desired outcome, then on some level, you don’t believe that you can get what you want with the Law of Attraction, and you don’t believe you deserve to have what you want. Decide to work on aligning your desires and staying open to the possibilities. Instead of deciding how the Law of Attraction will work to bring you your wish, accept the possibility that there is a way to have both. Let the Universe find it for you.
3.Keep talking about everything that’s happened…everything that’s gone wrong.

Whenever you talk about something that went wrong in your life, it’s as if a magic genie appears and snatches away each of your wishes. Switch this paradigm by talking about the positive, the good, and the happy. You don’t have to stay stuck on how things are right now; every problem has an opportunity waiting for us just below its surface- all we need to do is reach out with positivity! When you tell your story, the more negative emotion that flows through it will help make a powerful impact.

4.Ignore the signs that your desire is manifesting.

Everything that reminds you of your desire is a sign that it is manifesting. If you want to sell your house and receive a postcard from a realtor about a home sold nearby, that’s a sign. If you wish for a particular black jacket and you begin seeing black jackets everywhere, that’s a sign. When we receive a positive sign, we must take time for gratitude and appreciation. We need this not only because our lives are filled with obstacles but also because these experiences can guide us on how best to enjoy the path forward!

No matter the intent, the goal, or the journey… it’s time to start manifesting your dreams into reality. Here are just some fantastic ideas!!

Career Goals You Can Manifest Starting Now

New Job or Promotion

Better Working Relationships

Career Change

Your Own Business


Financial Goals You Can Manifest Immediately

More Money And Financial Abundance

New Revenue Streams

Financial Independence And Being Debt Free


Relationships Goals Begin Manifesting RIGHT NOW

New Friends

A Best Friend

Better Family Dynamics


Romance and Passion Goals You Can Start Manifesting 

A Loving Relationship

A New Relationship




Health & Fitness Goals You Can Start Manifesting Immediately

Weight Loss

Clear Skin

A Fit Body

Better Sleep