What is the meaning of manifestation and can it really make your dreams come true starting today?

What is the meaning of manifestation and can it really make your dreams come true starting today?

What is manifestation? Manifesting is a word that’s been around for centuries, though its meaning has changed over time. To manifest something means to bring it into reality by putting forth conscious effort towards your goal- whether this is physical items or information like winning the lotto! So what do you need in order to achieve success? It is the notion that you can take something you hope for (be it a dream or goal) and bring it into the reality of your life.


Manifesting is the practice of achieving your goals through positive thoughts, words, and actions. Manifestation is Latin, meaning ‘to manifest.’ It’s a way for people to bring their desires into reality by using all three: intelligence (think), confidence (say), or willingness (do).

And yes, it absolutely does work…

Why do people practice manifestation?
If you believe you can, you can. You’ve presumably heard that from some well-meaning supporter at some point in your life. There’s nothing you can’t do if you set your mind to it. The power of positive thinking is no joke. Our mindset determines how we see the world and take advantage of opportunities. Life is full of possibilities. The key to capitalizing on them all stems from a positive mindset that sees the world as your oyster and takes no prisoners when it comes time for you to make something happen!

What are some other signs of Manifestation?

When you’re manifesting something, the Universe will often start giving you small signs and signals that your manifestation is on its way. Manifesting can be surprisingly mathematical. There are special numbers associated with it — 1111 and 444 are “angel numbers” sent from the universe — as well as special sound frequencies for manifesting specific wants (528 hertz is the “love frequency”). The numbers 4 and 9 have a lot going for them regarding being special. They’re both common manifestation signs, which means that if you own these two digits in your life, then there’s no need to worry about what could’ve been because everything will turn out exactly as planned! These can come in the form of repetitive numbers, such as 11:11, or synchronicities, such as hearing a song on the radio that relates to your situation.

Be Autonomous!
You are what you think. You can’t get anywhere in this world without a strong mindset, which starts with the thoughts we choose to have every day! Knowing that you are always in the process of manifesting makes it easier for accountability because every thought, word, and action has its own corresponding vibration to match. This also means that you have a great deal of autonomy; everything is yours to decide. Those who are willing to take the challenges and risks necessary for their desires will find that aligning yourself with what you want is not as difficult when it becomes clear. You don’t need a crystal ball or some otherworldly intervention; all it takes is honesty about your intentions combined with a willingness to do whatever’s needed to reach this goal! When you hold absolute certainty of something desired — whether it is information that you need or to be able to accomplish something – your focus must be deliberate and steadfast as you take the steps towards this.


Whether you experience a sudden connection with the universe or it takes time, your experiences will be unique and special. ‘Receiving’ an answer to a question is something that you can manifest quite instantly. Having all of the pieces in place for something that may be of a larger scale may require your continued focus and attention towards this.


Your ability to manifest is determined by how much you can personally affect your reality by embodying your thoughts. If you want to manifest your dreams, you must become a master at monitoring the thoughts and feelings you are aligning yourself with. The process of manifesting your dreams starts with the thoughts and feelings you allow into your mind. You must become adept at monitoring these inner messages because they will guide you to how successful or unsuccessful a particular endeavor may be for you in reality. Your thoughts are powerful. They can take you from feeling like your life is not as fulfilling as you’d like to experience moments of deep fulfillment and joy! Though it may seem simple at first glance (and I know this sounds familiar), the key lies in KNOWING what those voices are telling us.

In conclusion….the best thing you can do is trust that the Universe will deliver.