How To Use The Law Of Attraction To Manifest All Of Your Wants And Desires – Starting Today

How To Use The Law Of Attraction To Manifest All Of Your Wants And Desires – Starting Today

Are you seeking out the love of your life but just not finding him/her? First, you’re not alone – many people are just like you and there could be any number of reasons why you are not yet matched with true love. Apart from a million dollars and perhaps a private yacht, the number one thing people want to manifest is no secret: true love.


One of the hardest things to overcome is simply ourselves. We all have our reasons for waiting and it could be anything from being too busy, timing that just doesn’t line up right now – maybe there are other factors at play?


Do not fret…all is not lost in the land of Love! There’s still plenty you can do to usher in your next romance, including using manifestation and the laws of attraction. I’m so happy to share my methods for using mindfulness, patience and more to learn how to manifest love into your world.


Now, let’s get to the good stuff. If you want to try manifesting love for yourself, there are five relatively straightforward steps you can follow. Here’s what you need to know.


WHAT IS MANIFESTATION? “Manifestation is the act of bringing something into your life through attraction and belief.”



No judgment if you jot down that you’d like your future partner to have a striking resemblance to *insert your crush’s name here*, be specific in your intentions. But if you’re looking for someone who enjoys traveling as much as you do, will be great with your dog and makes an unforgettable chocolate fudge cake, put it to paper.



We all want our relationships to be special and meaningful, so instead of writing down the details on how you imagine your perfect wedding in six months from now (or even next year), think about what kind of connection this person could bring into your life. What are they bringing that might make it less ordinary?



Embody the person that already has this love in their life. Act and behave as if your dream person has already been manifested. Embody the version of you that has this relationship. How would you be showing up?



The final step is perhaps the hardest. The love that you attract might not look how you imagined, so prepare yourself for some surprises along the way. Surrendering is simply you allowing love into your life without attachment to one specific outcome or person. It’s wise to not be a rigid, linear thinker. When you’re open to creative possibilities for love, the universe may surprise you and you’ll meet someone totally unexpected.


Now that you have a general idea of what you can start doing to manifest true love, you might have some questions.



We often have limiting beliefs about love that keep us from experiencing the pleasure and fulfillment of a healthy romantic relationship. So, when people are feeling those roadblocks, it’s usually because there’s some sort of self-limiting belief or fear inside of you that you need to work through.



Manifestation is a game of inches. You must keep on the lookout for signs that your work has taken root, and reassess monthly to make sure you’re still headed in the correct direction. If something seems like a positive coincidence, don’t brush it off…take it as a sign, because it almost always is!


Everyone experiences roadblocks or the feeling of “being stuck.” Here are some suggestions you may consider if you’re feeling stuck or frustrated:


  • You might be sending mixed signals to the universe.
  • You may need to dig deeper. Ask if there is anywhere you’re not being honest with yourself. Is there [a possibility] that I don’t actually want that thing?
  • Is there a self-limiting belief that is standing in your way?
  • Did you leave anything out; do you need to be more specific [with your goals]?
  • What actions can you take, if any, that you may not already be doing?
  • Are there fears coming up? The universe is always waiting to reward us on the other side of our fears.
  • Are you ignoring signs from the universe?


It’s easy to get discouraged when things don’t go the way you planned. But sometimes, life takes an unexpected turn and it can be just what we need for a new perspective on your goals or desires!


The universe is always working behind-the scenes pulling strings of every situation so that everything works out perfectly in due time…even if occasionally somebody has interference with their plan by causing confusion instead choosing wisely from all possible options available.