With Kathleen Cameron

Kathleen explores the life-altering potential of changing your beliefs and delves into the realms of worthiness and desire as she guides you through the process of shifting your core beliefs.

Discover the significance of embodiment, moving knowledge from your mind to your very being. Gain insights into recognizing and reshaping beliefs, including those related to money and self-worth.The episode shares personal stories of transformation, emphasizing that true growth lies in kindness, confidence, and fearlessness, not just wealth. Uncover the origins of unworthiness and learn that worthiness is a decision within your control. Explore the power of desire in attracting abundance and how it can reshape your relationship with work. Break free from trading time for money and discover the joy of doing what you love.  

Also in this episode: 

  • Embodiment Of Beliefs: To truly understand and change a belief, you need to move it from your conscious mind into your body, where you can see how it affects you.
  • Fear Of Money: Being afraid of money gives money control over you. Shift your perspective to see money as a spiritual idea rather than a measure of worthiness.
  • Self-Worth: Your worthiness is determined by you, not others. Recognize that you weren’t born feeling unworthy; it’s a learned behavior.
  • Observing Vs. Participating: You can observe negativity and criticism from others without participating in it or internalizing it.
  • Desire And Belief: Desire is essential for change. You need to desire something before you can believe in it, and belief is a powerful force that shapes your reality.
  • Shift From Time For Money: Challenge the idea that you must exchange time for money. Focus on creating ways to make money passively and doing what you love.


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About Kathleen Cameron:

Kathleen Cameron, Chief Wealth Creator, 8-figure entrepreneur, and record-breaking author. In just 2 years, she built a $10 Million dollar business and continues to share her knowledge and expertise with all of whom she connects with. 

With her determination, unwavering faith, and powers of manifestation, she has helped over 100,000 people attract more love, money, and success into their lives. Her innovative approaches to Manifestation and utilizing the Laws of Attraction have led to the creation of one of the top global success networks, Diamond Academy Coaching, thousands of students have been able to experience quantum growth. The force behind her magnetic field has catapulted many students into a life beyond their wildest dreams and she is just getting started. Kathleen helps others step into their true potential and become the best version of themselves with their goals met.

Kathleen graduated with two undergraduate degrees from the University of Windsor and the University of Toronto with a master’s degree in nursing leadership.

Her book, “Becoming The One”, published by Hasmark Publishing, launched in August 2021 became an International Best Seller in five countries on the first day. 


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