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The most outstanding benefit that you will receive from studying and applying the information in this book is that you will change what you believe you can do. Your belief about yourself will grow and that is huge.

Helen Walsh
“So. I am reviewing all of these and writing out my embodiment of them... and boom just realized that my vibration is being felt by so many... my girls at the coffee shop telling me how beautiful I am and other people too... this is not some magical cream Bur my vibration inside coming out. Such gratitude.”
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Angie Belmonte Lopreiato
“I am grateful and thankful for the programs to date. I have graduated from the Coaching program, and I AM putting my knowledge into ACTION. I thank you and Kathleen for this opportunity for 2yrs now as it has changed my mindset and my life. Today my cousin and I, will be making an impact.”
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Leanne Monaghan
"Before Diamond Academy, I was looking for my next-level mentor. I knew I could do better, and I needed someone to guide me. I was on the call where Kathleen announced Modern Mentor, and I knew this was the program for me. I was the second person to sign up - Crystal was the first. Now - I’ve doubled my sales, I’m actually on social media 😂 and I have a clear plan for my business combining masculine and feminine energy."
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Sara D'Ambrosio
"So blessed and grateful to the Modern Mentor program. I can see my life unfolding beautifully. I published my educational children's books and am ready to launch my coaching program soon. The energy in this commUNITY is beautiful. I see myself differently, and I feel different. My awareness has grown, and I know everything is up to me."
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