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Embrace the vast richness of life and discover what it means to be truly wealthy during this 3-Part Wealth Masterclass.

Money is not just a material matter; it has deeper spiritual implications. money flows through our lives and is seen as an energetic vibration, connecting us and allowing abundance to manifest in all areas of life.

What does it mean
to be rich?


“To live richer is to follow the inner path to wealth and abundance. This includes the progressive realization of worthy goals, love and compassion, and, most importantly, always being in touch with your creative consciousness, which is the source of all riches.”

By acknowledging the connection between money and spirit, we can understand that our financial resources are just one piece of a larger puzzle when it comes to living an intentional and fulfilling life.

Realize that true wealth reaches far beyond just money and possessions during this 3-day event!

Embody the true riches of life. Celebrate the exquisite beauty of life’s finer moments – discover your own version of riches. Imagine never having to wake from the dream of your wildest ambitions.
Stop letting money be a limiting factor in your life! Unleash your potential and unlock untold levels of wealth. Cultivate rewarding relationships, pursue ambitious business objectives, and draw in clients who will help you achieve greatness!
Change the language of how you describe yourself and money. Transform your vocabulary around yourself and money, to create a powerful narrative that reflects strength and abundance

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Embark on a journey of discovery, gaining insights and wisdom about what it means to Live a Richer life.

Helen Walsh – Modern Mentor Student Modern Mentor was exactly what I was looking for. This was my biggest investment to date outside of investing in my Coaching Business. Now, everyone wants to know the results…What are they? My biggest revenue month in December, Consistency in My Business, New Clients signing up. Showing up for me, my family, and my business, Figuring out What I love and What I am worried about, and then focusing on the former. But all of this would not be possible without the belief, faith, and self-love I developed from the Modern Mentor.
Kara Burns – Millionaire Student It happened – just like that, it all came together. After joining Diamond in April, I became very clear that I wanted to double my income in 2022 with my current role. I have two years of experience in a very tech-specific world so this was something that seemed out of reach for most.
Ashley Vanderwerff – Wealth From Within Student I have gone from Lack to Luxury, and it’s only the beginning! More money has moved through my bank account in this course than I have ever seen. I didn’t just get to circulate more money by being in this course; I got ME. I got the me that was too afraid to shine, that thought she wasn’t worth it to be out living, and brought her to the front.