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Hello Beautiful!

Did you know that money is just a mirror?


 Love fuels the journey, money marks the milestones, self defines the destination. Let’s make your reflection mirror the MILLIONAIRE within.


Experience a Permanent Rise in Consciousness. Manifest the Extraordinary Life You Desire.

A 6-Month Immersive Group Coaching Experience with Kathleen Cameron & The Diamond Academy Team

Let me ask you the most important question in the entire universe:

What would you Love?

Millionaire can help you manifest anything you want.

Here are a few things my Millionaire students have manifested so far.

Does the idea of manifesting a million dollars feel out of reach for you?

Here’s a little secret of the Universe. A million is a verrryyy small number.

There are a million grains of sand under every footstep on the beach.


There are a million drops of water in every bath you take.


Your body produces a million cells every second.

A thousand people become millionaires EVERY SINGLE DAY.

If a million dollars is so small, why has manifesting it always seemed so hard? Because it requires:


Several years ago, I discovered that our understanding of manifestation has been missing one key ingredient: embodiment.


Manifesting is not about your mood. Many people are blissful and high-vibe but they don’t live a wealthy life. Becoming a millionaire is about permanently shifting your state of being to operate on the frequency of wealth.


When my Millionaire students integrate these embodiment principles, they create breakthroughs in record time.


Where does money come from?

Money comes from your imagination.

Man invented money as a means of exchange.

Manifesting money is a circulation of energy.


Millionaire will teach you how to use your imagination to

circulate the energy of wealth in your favor by mastering 

the Universal energetics of exchange.


My Millionaire Story

"It took me 20 years to earn $100K a year as a nurse. But once I started studying this material, I skyrocketed to millionaire status in just 7 months."

Before I started studying this material, my life’s goal was to make $100K a year in my nursing job, and I was able to do that after 3 degrees, a decade of school, and 10 years of experience.

When I started embodying the frequency of wealth, I became a millionaire in 7 months. Now, 4 years later, I have generated over $30M. It’s not magic. It’s my embodiment-centered approach to manifestation.

There are a lot of manifestation coaches out there...

SO WHY ISN’T EVERYONE A MILLIONAIRE? Manifestation has been highly misunderstood for centuries.

My Millionaire Story

"It took me 20 years to earn $100K a year as a nurse. But once I started studying this material, I skyrocketed to millionaire status in just 7 months."

Before I started studying this material, my life’s goal was to make $100K a year in my nursing job, and I was able to do that after 3 degrees, a decade of school, and 10 years of experience.

When I started embodying the frequency of wealth, I became a millionaire in 7 months. Now, 4 years later, I have generated over $30M. It’s not magic. It’s my embodiment-centered approach to manifestation.

Here’s why you may have struggled with manifestation in the past.


Studying is powerful but studying does not manifest. It only raises your awareness level so that you CAN manifest. For example, if you study music, that doesn’t make you Adele. You have to embody star power if you want to be an international icon. My Millionaire program teaches you to embody the manifestation principles – not just learn them.


When we experience things in life that we don’t prefer, we might think our manifestations aren’t working. By resisting the contrast, we put all of our focus on it. This limits our ability to manifest what we want and brings us more of what we don’t want. Millionaire students know that contrast is part of manifesting. They embrace it and move through it quickly.


Identity or self-concept is the success mechanism of manifestation. It’s who you believe you are. If you embody a person who is “waiting,” you will manifest delays in your manifestations. If you embody a person who is winning, you will manifest success. Millionaire teaches you to embody your millionaire identity, so you can actually receive and experience your manifestations in your 3D reality now.

Imagine if you REALLY BELIEVED that whatever you wrote down - whatever you placed on your vision board - would become your reality…

My Millionaire students experience

An Elevation of Awareness

giving them the ability to manifest whatever they desire - not just for their 6 months in the program but for THE REST OF THEIR LIVES.


Take a peek...

What You Get When You Join Millionaire

Millionaire is an immersive 6-month experience where you will learn to embody your millionaire identity and live on the
frequency of millions.

1. The Millionaire Program

The exact techniques I have used for embodying wealth consciousness and manifesting over $30M+, recorded in video lessons and a powerful workbook that will allow you to lead yourself through the process of becoming a millionaire

2. Weekly Live Teaching with Kathleen

Stay connected with me moment by moment as I share the lessons of my own expansion journey and we dive deeper into the Millionaire curriculum in these transformational weekly sessions.

3. Your Manifestation Mentor

You will have access to your own manifestation mentor throughout the program to guide you in maximizing all the resources available to you.

4. Weekly Embodiment Sessions

Manifestation Mentors lead live group coaching calls on Zoom to show you how to move the Millionaire materials into your body – so you can upgrade your consciousness to reflect the millionaire within.

Men – Get One Additional Men’s Only Embodiment Session

5. A 6-Month Membership in HOUSE OF MANIFESTATION

Manifestation is all about consistency and mindset. Our daily actions are bite-sized tasks and exercises you can incorporate into your daily routine. These small actions help you stay focused and aligned with your goals, ensuring steady progress

6. Accountability

On this journey, you will need support to stay accountable and move through the experiences and stages of becoming a millionaire. Our commUNITY is here to support each other and ensure you stay inspired and focused.

Enroll Now For Millionaire

Investing in the Millionaire program is a transformative commitment that offers lifelong returns. We provide flexible payment options, including pay-in-full and installment plans, to suit your needs.

Everything I have ever wanted has come to me because I made the decision to have it, even though I had no idea exactly how it would happen. When you DECIDE to become a Millionaire student, you will manifest the means to do so.

-Kathleen Cameron


Have I told you the story of Leslie DeMarco?

Despite her initial doubts, she joined my program and quickly began applying the financial principles I teach. In no time, she was earning $1,000 a day. Her success continued to soar, soon reaching $3,000 a day, and then, something truly remarkable happened.

Leslie made $1M in 4 months in the Millionaire program.

What was her secret? Leslie was willing to choose an alternate reality for herself. She made the decision to find the resources and believe in herself despite her current circumstances.

Then, she embodied the material.

Are you eager to join the Millionaire program but find yourself held back by various concerns or obstacles?

Circumstances can change incredibly quickly but having “reasons why we can’t” keeps us stuck.


Let’s explore each “reason” and then accept a rise in consciousness, a new belief.

Reason #1


Money is like water. It is abundant, and it is everywhere. The only limit is what can flow to and through you based on your consciousness. When you resist an investment you want to make, it means you are saying “I only believe I can have what I already have.” when in reality, you have access to an unlimited supply.

Your rise in consciousness is stepping into the identity of someone who believes

“I am my best investment. When I invest in myself, it comes back to me tenfold.”

Reason #2

The lack of funds in your bank account is only a temporary circumstance. All the money in the Universe is available to you right now.

Here’s an example. Walt Disney never had the funds he needed to build his magical creations. He had to manifest the money – through lines of credit, investors, and other people who believed in his vision.

Where could the money come from 

for this investment in yourself?

Here are some ideas:

✨Tapping into savings

✨Leveraging lines of credit

✨Cashing in an investment

✨Selling a piece of your own property

✨Borrowing from someone

✨Opening a new credit card

✨Getting a business or personal loan

✨Making additional sales in your business

Your rise in consciousness is stepping into the identity of someone who believes

“I have so much trust in myself that I am willing to act in FAITH. The money is available to me now.”


Reason #3

Millionaires operate from the assumption that whatever they do works for them. The identity that doesn’t believe you have the ability to manifest is the “one” creating that thought. You are embodying an identity of doubt.

Here are some thoughts
this identity may offer you.


✨You’re not worthy of success.

✨You’re afraid of who you will become.

✨Money will change you in negative ways.

✨People will judge or leave you if you change.

✨You are a procrastinator.

✨You don’t finish things you start.

✨You’re not smart enough.

✨A circumstance in your life is stopping you.


This program is the solution, no matter what identity you’re currently embodying.

By enrolling in Millionaire, you actually reprogram the negative identity and immediately begin to embody a powerful one.

The answer is to step into the identity of someone who believes

“I am worthy. Whatever I believe in will work for me.”

Reason #4

Waiting is a powerful manifesting energy. If you’ve been “stuck” and things haven’t changed for you in a while, you are likely manifesting from a waiting energy.


Here are some things we find people waiting for:


Waiting for the right time


Waiting for their kids to grow up


Waiting to be thinner 


Waiting to finish a project 


Waiting to move 


Waiting to make more money 


Here’s the thing. Waiting is an act of self-definition. You are literally telling the Universe you do NOT want to manifest.

The Universe says yes when you say yes!


Your rise in consciousness is to step into the identity of someone who believes in the power of NOW.


“I am ready to rise right now. The present moment is the only reality. It’s the only time to decide.”


Reason #5

Busy is a habit created by the loop of productivity. 

The identity operating subconsciously is one that believes “In order to be successful and worthy, I must always be busy and productive.”


Millionaires don’t operate that way. The Millionaire journey is about learning to exist in both the masculine and the feminine energies. The masculine is the mechanical, the “doing.” The feminine is in the spiritual, the “receiving.”


The secret to quantum leaps is this: 

You can achieve a lot more by doing less. 


Your rise in consciousness is to step into the identity of someone who believes


“The more I embody, the more I receive.”

Reason #6

You may have heard yourself thinking (or saying!) “My spouse won’t let me.” While I deeply respect the power of partnership, realize that your spouse is a reflection of your energy. You’re allowing their energy to influence you instead of influencing them.


Millionaires don’t ask for permission. They get their energy behind their desires and then, they ask for support. If you approach your spouse with total conviction about the power and impact this program will have on both of your lives and you ask for their support, you will receive it.


Your rise in consciousness is to step into the identity of someone who believes


“When I ask for support, I receive it.”

Are you willing to get uncomfortable?

Another myth about manifestation is that “If it doesn’t feel easy, it’s not the right action.” The paradox of The Law of Polarity is that access to more ease lies in moving through contrast – the opposite of what you desire. Being willing to get uncomfortable is part of the rise in consciousness to Millionaire.

Millionaires are willing to get uncomfortable and find the necessary resources they need to move forward. Are you?

This journey of self-discovery will reward you many times over, enriching every aspect of your life.

I don’t want to teach you how to manifest a certain amount of money in the short term. I want to teach you how to become a vessel for the flow of abundance for the rest of your life.


Millionaire isn’t just a 6-month journey. It is a lifelong journey. It is a healing journey. It is a wholeness journey. It is a journey of reprogramming your self-concept and operating on a new frequency for the rest of your life.


I will be a billionaire in this lifetime because I have this work, and every single investment I’ve made in my mastery of this material keeps paying off year after year. You take it all with you in the embodiment.


The investments you make in yourself must be returned to you BY LAW, and this one is no different.

The Power of Community

Calibrate to an Elevated Frequency

Your frequency calibrates to the people who surround you. If you have negative people in your life, people who don’t make any money, people who aren’t rising in consciousness, people who doubt and blame and criticize, you are working against the current.

You will be amazed by the power of calibrating to a community like ours where you have people cheering you on, believing in you, recognizing your shifts, and supporting you through contrast.

Sometimes, the people around us can’t relate to our experiences but the students in Millionaire can. The lifelong friendships you will make in Millionaire will be priceless.

Check out some of the incredible friendships and partnerships our Millionaire students have manifested




A Love Letter 💌 from Me to You

Dear One,


If I could give you any gift in the Universe, it would be the gift of absolute faith in yourself. You’ve been through hard times. You’ve had the best of intentions. You have done your best.


Now, you feel called to elevate. You know that you’re ready for more. You have a heart of gold. You want to experience freedom, make an even bigger impact, and show the world what’s possible.


The only thing in your way is the paradigm of limitation you’re currently living in. MILLIONAIRE is a feeling. It’s a way of being. It’s an identity, one that I can show you how to embody.


I always say, “I never show up uninvited.” You’ve called me in, and here I am. Allow me to open a doorway for you, so you can discover the millionaire within.


You’ll feel like a million bucks but more importantly, you’ll experience incredible, peace, joy, love, and excitement about life.


In 2020, I named my first team Facebook chat “Team Milly” (short for Millionaire) and it only took 7 months to manifest my first million.


I accepted the identity. That’s what led me here.


“Kathleen Cameron is a millionaire.” I made the decision.


Now, in the statement above, just change my name to yours, Beautiful.


Let’s go.





Show me a person who boldly invests in themselves, and I’ll show you a Millionaire.

I was in University for 4 years, and the financial rewards were tiny.
I invested in learning THIS material, and I made $30M in less than 5 years.

It’s not about education. It’s about embodiment.
It’s about investing in who you really are –
the (limitless) Millionaire within.

Enroll today in Millionaire.