Transform your business with the power of manifestation!

Discover ways to reach incredible heights without investing more energy during
Manifestation Meets Business

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What if you could reach a higher level of abundance by accessing the power and potential held in the collective unconscious?

is the powerful blend of practicing positive thoughts and beliefs to bring about desired outcomes in your life AND business. Using the principles of manifestation to grow your business, you will begin to set clear and specific goals for your business and visualize yourself achieving them.

The life and the self you crave are often just a few steps away,
and we want to help you get there.

We are here to serve you and tap into your ultimate successful potential.

Did you know that Manifestation, Wealth, and Success Calls are available for anyone ready to elevate their success?

Each and every person in this event are given their own mentored Success Advisor! She is here and ready to help guide you through this special event and your path to enrichment.

This invaluable Manifestation, Wealth, and
Success Call will give you clearness AND CLARITY!

  • Create a Strategic mindset roadmap.
  • Calibrate to a higher frequency of vibration.
  • Remove your manifestation blocks.
  • And more…

This is the perfect chance to awaken your greatest potential and get ahead! Get ready for an energizing journey of transformation like never before – time to unlock and manifest tomorrow’s successes today!

Take your business dreams and ambitions beyond the limits with Manifestation X Business!

Who is this for?

Manifestation X Business is for entrepreneurs, business owners, and leaders that are ready to use the principles of manifestation to succeed and excel in their business ventures.


This event is designed for individuals looking to start their own business or take their existing business to the next level by incorporating the power of manifestation into their business strategy.


The framework is designed to give you a clear pathway to incredible results while also being customizable enough that you can adapt it to serve your audience.


Manifestation X Business is exactly what you need if you’re looking to take your business dreams and ambitions to the next level. During this powerful event, you’ll learn how to use the powers of manifestation to get anything you want out of life – including a successful business.


Step into alignment
during this event with



Intensive Workbook
& Homework


Impactful Client Success Stories

Secrets to

PLUS a 15-minute call with your own Success Advisor to help guide you on your path to manifesting your desired business outcomes.

Manifestation x Business
Lessons include

The Art of Expansion

What it means to continue to grow and expand; to be someone who believes in their own growth. To be somebody always striving to learn something new, embody something new, and challenge themselves. It is about being open to new ideas, perspectives, and experiences.


Universal Laws

You will discover how these powerful laws can radically change your mindset, shatter paradigms, and propel you towards unprecedented heights in your business!

Power of Attraction

This principle states you will attract into your life whatever you focus on is the power of attraction…whatever you give your energy and attention to will return to you. You will learn how Kathleen used the Power of Attraction to drive her social sales and branding in her business.


The Effortless Way

Start studying what it means to work effortlessly and immediately change your consciousness. Learn how to shift away from the heart, the hustle, and the grind, into a place of being effortless.

Are you ready to ignite your spirit and move past current limitations? Unlock the power of personal growth and create a path towards boundless wealth, joy, fulfillment – it all starts with calling on your next layer of success.

your business

One Time Payment $39


Don’t miss this chance to awaken your spirit and let it soar! Reap the benefits of transformation and take part in an enlightening experience – all for just $39.



Kathleen Cameron is a mom, CEO, Chief Wealth Creator, 8-figure entrepreneur, and international best-selling Author. Creator and mentor of the programs Millionaire, Modern Mentor, The Next Level Mastermind, and more!!


In just 3 years, she built a $20 Million dollar business in the middle of a pandemic and continues to share her knowledge and expertise with all of whom she connects with.


Since starting Diamond Academy Coaching Inc in January 2020, Kathleen Cameron has impacted over 100,000 people to attract more love, money, and success into their lives.


Her innovative approaches to Manifestation and utilizing the Laws of Attraction have led to the creation of one of the top global success networks, Diamond Academy Coaching; thousands of students have been able to experience quantum growth. The force behind her magnetic field has catapulted many students into a life beyond their wildest dreams, and she is just getting started. Kathleen helps others achieve their true potential and become the best version of themselves with their goals met.


Choose your own future as you manifest the success that's been inside you all along.

Through Kathleen Cameron's personally mentored Success Advisors, unlock the infinite potential of your spirit. With tailored guidance, pave a path to life-enriching joy and fulfillment you've never imagined!

How can a Manifestation, Wealth, and Success call help you? What will you gain?

  • Awaken your highest potential by unlocking the secrets of millionaire manifestation – for a life that reaches well beyond 7 figures.
  • Discover how to connect to your higher self and intuition through massive vibrational lifts.
  • Release the power of positivity within and free yourself from any unseen blocks that restrict you from reaching new heights.
  • Learn the road map to building your multi-million dollar empire from a state of ease, grace, and flow.

Your Success Advisor is armed with amazing resources that will transform your experience. So make room in your schedule for a life-changing call today! Schedule your power packed 15 min call to help you feel better about your desired success. Embrace the journey to discovering life-changing fulfillment and unparalleled joy that awaits you!

Client Transformative Success Stories

Hande Ertan

I am in the Millionaire program, and I love it! I’m a totally different person! I am vibrating with a different energy, which makes all the difference in everything; business, family, self-love, self-worth, and faith. Love you, Kathleen, and love this beautiful commUNITY.

Crystal Rieck

I did Millionaire first. It’s a work-at-your-own-pace program, so I quickly worked through it and joined Modern Mentor the next month. Millionaire is a great foundational program for YOU!!!

Tudi Thiele

Millionaire = spiritual, intellectual, physical. It gives you the gift of meeting the soul that has become covered up and lost from years of misinformation, hardship, and self-doubt. Millionaire = finding your thought was lost and filling it up with truth and abundance of who you are meant to be.

Christine Hoehne

I have been studying the principles that Kathleen teaches for years… and I have completed different programs in the past. A key difference about Millionaire for me has been the Embodiment and the feeling… it’s not just hearing words… it’s actually about “Being” and Transforming.