May 2nd

Manifestation X Business

May 3rd

Live Event

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“Unlock the boundless potential within you, fuse Manifestation with Business mastery, and watch as you unleash your inner powerhouse.”

May 2nd

Embrace the synergy of intention and action, for in this fusion lies the alchemy of success

May 3rd

Step into your greatness with Manifestation meets Business, and ignite the fire within. Are you ready to soar?

Save the date: May 2nd-3rd, 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. EST—where an exhilarating voyage of self-discovery and transformation awaits you!

May 2nd

Discover The Power Within

May 3rd

What if you could reach a higher level of abundance by accessing the power and potential held in the collective unconscious?

Imagine tapping into a wellspring of limitless possibilities, where the collective consciousness propels your dreams into tangible reality. What if every intention you set reverberated through this boundless reservoir, amplifying your manifestations beyond imagination?

It’s not just a “what if” question but a journey awaiting your bold embrace. Join Manifestation meets Business and unlock your extraordinary potential.

The life and the self you crave are often just a few steps away, and we want to help you get there. We are here to serve you and tap into your ultimate successful potential.

Dare to Dream: Join us on May 2nd-3rd, 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. EST, for an Electrifying Expedition of Personal Growth and Empowerment!

Manifestation meets Business is…

The powerful blend of practicing positive thoughts and beliefs to bring about desired outcomes in your life AND business. Using the principles of manifestation to grow your business, you will begin to set clear and specific goals for your business and visualize yourself achieving them. 

May 2nd

Transform Your Life

May 3rd

During this life-changing event, you'll discover:

What Lessons will you embody?

The Art of Expansion

What it means to continue to grow and expand is to believe in one’s growth, to be somebody who is always striving to learn something new, embody something new, and challenge oneself.

Power of Attraction

This principle states you will attract into your life whatever you focus on is the power of attraction…whatever you give your energy and attention to will return to you. You will learn how Kathleen used the Power of Attraction to drive her social sales and branding in her business

The Effortless Way

Start studying what it means to work effortlessly and immediately change your consciousness. Learn how to shift away from the heart, the hustle, and the grind into a place of effortlessness.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to transform your life and become the master of your destiny.

Join us at Manifestation meets Business and unleash the power of your dreams.

Prepare for an extraordinary adventure of self-discovery and renewal! Join us May 2nd-3rd, 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. EST, as we embark on a journey towards unlocking your inner strength and potential.

Why should I register for Manifestation meets Business?

Because within this transformative journey lies the key to unlocking unparalleled abundance. Imagine surpassing conventional limits and accessing a boundless reservoir of the collective unconscious. Your intentions gain momentum here, propelling you toward unparalleled success and fulfillment. Don’t just imagine the possibilities—seize them. 

Discover the keys to unlocking your true self! Join us on May 2nd-3rd from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. EST for an unforgettable journey.

Why is Manifestation meets Business crucial for manifesting your dreams?


Unleash Your Potential

Harness the transformative synergy of manifestation and business strategies to unlock hidden possibilities within yourself and your ventures.


Tap into Collective Power

Access the vast reservoir of the collective unconscious, where intentions resonate and amplify, propelling you towards unparalleled success.


Master Manifestation

Learn practical techniques to manifest your desires into reality, guided by seasoned experts who have achieved remarkable results through the power of intention.


Elevate Your Business Game

Discover innovative approaches to entrepreneurship that merge visionary thinking with actionable steps, empowering you to scale your business to new heights.


Forge Lasting Connections

Join a vibrant commUNITY of like-minded individuals on a shared journey towards personal and professional growth, where collaboration and support fuel collective achievements.

"Your vibration is the language of your soul. Learn to speak it powerfully and watch your reality transform."

Why Kathleen Cameron and Diamond Academy?

Kathleen Cameron isn’t just a manifestation coach; she’s a powerhouse of inspiration and achievement, setting her apart from other coaches and mentors in the manifestation world.

Real Results, Real Fast:

Kathleen Cameron isn’t just a coach; she’s a living testament to the power of manifestation. In three years, she transformed a business into a 20-million-dollar empire during a pandemic. Her track record speaks volumes about the effectiveness of her strategies.

Versatility and Expertise:

As a mom, CEO, Chief Wealth Creator, 8-figure entrepreneur, and international best-selling author, Kathleen brings a unique blend of experience to the table. She’s not just a coach; she has walked the path, faced challenges, and emerged victorious.

Proven Programs, Proven Impact:

Kathleen is the creator and mentor behind successful programs like Millionaire, The Modern Mentor, and The Next Level Mastermind. Her programs have impacted over 100,000 lives, proving the efficacy of her approach to attracting more love, money, and success.

Innovative Manifestation Approaches:

Kathleen doesn’t follow the crowd; she leads it. Her innovative approaches to manifestation utilizing the Laws of Attraction have birthed one of the top global success networks – Diamond Academy. Thousands of students have experienced quantum growth under her mentorship

Life Beyond Dreams:

Kathleen’s magnetic field doesn’t just attract success; it catapults individuals into lives beyond their wildest dreams. She is not just a coach but the force behind transformations beyond financial success, helping others achieve their true potential and become their best version of themselves.

Kathleen Cameron is not your typical manifestation coach

She is a mentor, a trailblazer, and a living example of what’s possible when you harness the power of manifestation.

Join her at The Manifestation meets Business 2 day event and tap into the wisdom that has transformed lives on a global scale.

Don’t just learn; learn from the best.


Kathleen Cameron is a mom, CEO, Chief Wealth Creator, 8-figure entrepreneur, and international best-selling Author. Creator and mentor of the programs Millionaire, Modern Mentor, The Next Level Mastermind, and more!!

In just 3 years, she built a $20 Million dollar business during a pandemic and continues to share her knowledge and expertise with all of whom she connects.

Since starting Diamond Academy Coaching Inc. in January 2020, Kathleen Cameron has impacted over 100,000 people to attract more love, money, and success into their lives.

Her innovative approaches to Manifestation and utilizing the Laws of Attraction have led to the creation of one of the top global success networks, Diamond Academy Coaching; thousands of students have been able to experience quantum growth. The force behind her magnetic field has catapulted many students into a life beyond their wildest dreams, and she is just getting started. Kathleen helps others achieve their true potential and become the best version of themselves with their goals met.

Reserve your spot now and step into a life where the tap of prosperity is wide open, cascading boundless abundance into every corner of your existence.

May 2nd

"The power to manifest your dreams lies not in the stars, but within your own unwavering belief."

May 3rd



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Transform your energy, transform your life! Join us and discover how your vibration attracts your reality.

May 2nd

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May 3rd

Transform your energy, transform your life! Join us and discover how your vibration attracts your reality.