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Ditch the Scarcity Mindset:
Discover Overflowing Abundance and Prosperity!

Join us February 22nd through February 24th, 12 pm to 2 pm ET,
for a journey into prosperity like never before!

“Release the shackles of scarcity thinking; open the tap of your mind to the boundless river of wealth, where abundance flows endlessly, and prosperity becomes your natural state.”

Have you ever wondered what money truly is?

Delving into the essence of money reveals a profound connection between currency and the spiritual concept of abundance. Money, beyond its tangible form, is an energy that flows through our lives, shaping our experiences and opportunities. It’s a conduit for the universal law of abundance, reflecting the energy we emit into the world.

Imagine money not merely as a physical representation but as a spiritual idea—a manifestation of our thoughts, beliefs, and the energy we attract. The law of abundance teaches us that the universe is infinitely giving, and our mindset towards money influences how it flows into our lives.

Don’t wait – Your path to a life of overflowing abundance begins with Dumb Money. Join us February 22nd through February 24th, 12 pm to 2 pm ET, for a journey into prosperity like never before!


Ever wondered how a simple shift in your mindset could revolutionize your wealth? In this enlightening 3-day live experience, Kathleen will guide you through practical strategies that transcend the conventional understanding of wealth creation. She will teach you about how your consciousness is the epicenter of your financial world, and by learning how to harness its potential, you can sculpt a reality where abundance becomes an integral part of your everyday existence.


“Break free from the chains of limitation; turn the faucet of your thoughts to the ‘dumb money’ frequency, where wealth cascades in excess, and prosperity knows no bounds.”


Picture a life where every thought, intention, and action aligns with your desired prosperous future. Through Kathleen’s guidance, you’ll uncover the secrets to reprogramming your consciousness, creating a magnetic force that attracts abundance effortlessly. It’s not just about attracting wealth; it’s about rewriting the script of your financial story.

Dumb Money is

A 3-day masterclass designed to revolutionize your relationship with wealth, prosperity, and abundance. Join us as we unveil the secrets to earning money and experiencing the sheer overflow of abundance in every aspect of your life.

“Don’t just dream of wealth; become the architect of abundance. Open the tap of your beliefs, and watch as your life overflows with the riches of success and prosperity.”

WHO IS Dumb Money FOR?

For The Visionaries and Dreamers:

Dumb Money is designed for those who dare to dream beyond the conventional, for the visionaries seeking a life of abundance beyond their wildest imaginations. If you have ever envisioned a reality where money is not a limit but an open tap of prosperity, this event is your transformative journey.

For the Ambitious and Aspiring:

If you constantly strive for greatness, craving a financial reality that exceeds your expectations, then Dumb Money is your opportunity for unprecedented abundance. Learn to cultivate a prosperity consciousness that aligns with your ambitious spirit and magnetizes wealth effortlessly.

For the Seekers of Financial Freedom:

Are you on a quest for financial freedom, eager to break free from limitations and embrace a life of overflowing abundance? Join us as we delve into the secrets of reprogramming your subconscious mind, unlocking the path to financial liberation that extends far beyond your needs.

For the Open-Minded and Ready Learners:

This event is crafted for individuals with open minds and a readiness to learn. Whether you are a seasoned entrepreneur, professional seeking financial breakthroughs, or simply curious about reshaping their relationship with money, Dumb Money 2024 welcomes you to a space of knowledge, growth, and transformation.

For Those Ready to Redefine Wealth:

Dumb Money is for those ready to redefine wealth, viewing it as a means to an end and an overflow of prosperity. If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to have more money than you thought you needed, this event is your opportunity to explore and embrace that reality.

For Anyone Seeking Residual Abundance:

Whether you are a seasoned investor, an entrepreneur, or someone on the cusp of their financial journey, discover the residual abundance that lingers when money is spent. This event is for those who recognize that spending is not just a transaction but a continuous cycle of prosperity.

During this transformational event, you will:

  • Discover the spiritual dimensions of money and how it influences your life.
  • Develop a prosperity consciousness that attracts abundance naturally.
  • Unlock the secrets of reprogramming your subconscious mind for wealth.
  • Embrace the concept of “dumb money” and experience overflow in your financial life.
  • Gain insights into the transformative power of seeing money as a spiritual idea.

Break free from financial constraints and enter a reality where money flows abundantly, like an open tap of endless possibilities.

Reserve your spot now and unlock the door to a life of overflow, prosperity, and boundless abundance!

Why Kathleen Cameron
and Diamond Academy?

Kathleen Cameron isn’t just a manifestation coach; she’s a powerhouse of inspiration and achievement, setting her apart from other coaches and mentors in the manifestation world.

Real Results, Real Fast:

Kathleen Cameron isn’t just a coach; she’s a living testament to the power of manifestation. In three years, she transformed a business into a 20-million-dollar empire during a pandemic. Her track record speaks volumes about the effectiveness of her strategies.


Proven Programs, Proven Impact:

Kathleen is the creator and mentor behind successful programs like Millionaire, The Modern Mentor, and The Next Level Mastermind. Her programs have impacted over 100,000 lives, proving the efficacy of her approach to attracting more love, money, and success.

Life Beyond Dreams:

Kathleen’s magnetic field doesn’t just attract success; it catapults individuals into lives beyond their wildest dreams. She is not just a coach but the force behind transformations beyond financial success, helping others achieve their true potential and become their best version of themselves.

Innovative Manifestation Approaches:

Kathleen doesn’t follow the crowd; she leads it. Her innovative approaches to manifestation utilizing the Laws of Attraction have birthed one of the top global success networks – Diamond Academy. Thousands of students have experienced quantum growth under her mentorship.

Versatility and Expertise:

As a mom, CEO, Chief Wealth Creator, 8-figure entrepreneur, and international best-selling author, Kathleen brings a unique blend of experience to the table. She’s not just a coach; she has walked the path, faced challenges, and emerged victorious.

Kathleen Cameron

is not your typical manifestation coach; she is a mentor, a trailblazer, and a living example of what’s possible when you harness the power of manifestation.

Join her at

Dumb Money

and tap into the wisdom that has transformed lives on a global scale.

Don’t just learn; learn from the best.



Kathleen Cameron is a mom, CEO, Chief Wealth Creator, 8-figure entrepreneur, and international best-selling Author. Creator and mentor of the programs Millionaire, Modern Mentor, The Next Level Mastermind, and more!!


In just 3 years, she built a $20 Million dollar business during a pandemic and continues to share her knowledge and expertise with all of whom she connects.


Since starting Diamond Academy Coaching Inc. in January 2020, Kathleen Cameron has impacted over 100,000 people to attract more love, money, and success into their lives.


Her innovative approaches to Manifestation and utilizing the Laws of Attraction have led to the creation of one of the top global success networks, Diamond Academy Coaching; thousands of students have been able to experience quantum growth. The force behind her magnetic field has catapulted many students into a life beyond their wildest dreams, and she is just getting started. Kathleen helps others achieve their true potential and become the best version of themselves with their goals met.

Reserve your spot now and step into a life where the tap of prosperity is wide open, cascading boundless abundance into every corner of your existence. Join us on this exhilarating journey – the door to overflow, prosperity, and limitless abundance awaits.


Kara Burns – Millionaire Student & extended community

It happened – just like that, it all came together. After joining Diamond in April, I became very clear that I wanted to double my income in 2022 with my current role.

I have two years of experience in a tech-specific world, so this seemed out of reach for most.

Helen Walsh – Modern Mentor

Modern Mentor is exactly what I was looking for. I started the journey of my coaching business in May of 2021, but I stopped and started staying in the comfort zone of my existing business. My resentment grew, results dragged, and my energy was low. I followed Kathleen, but I was nervous, scared perhaps. But I knew when I saw the Modern Mentor it was where I needed to be. I have felt supported from the Opening Welcome call to the 2 Sessions Per Week.

Ashley Vanderwerff – Wealth From Within & The Self

I have gone from Lack to Luxury, and it’s only the beginning! More money has moved through my bank account in this course than I have ever seen (on an ongoing basis). We have been invited to several private and exclusive events with millionaires. I am confident shopping in the top fashion houses whether I buy or not. I am choosing to invest in myself and do things for myself in a way I never have, and it turns out it’s not selfish! My husband is astonished at who I am, and I see him for all his gifts and talents.

"Love and money operate on the same energy vibration - the more you give, the more you receive. When you give love, you create abundance in your relationships; when you give money, you create abundance in your wealth."