Now is your time to become a

Kathleen Cameron takes her years of leading incredible teams paired with her Master’s Degree, and the expertise of quickly growing a successful business to bring you the most comprehensive coaching program on the market.

You can expect to create and maintain the right mindset for coaching, build an incredible coaching business, and become an exceptional leader along the way.


coaching excellence
Before you can have a successful coaching business, you must first master the foundation of coaching. In the first trimester of the program, students are taken through the foundations of coaching.

Once you have demonstrated the commitment, connection and confidence to be a coach, it is time for you to level up your business. In the Second Trimester, you are given a crash course on business development and growth.

certification support
In the last semester of your certification program, you will be guided and supported as you implemented your new learnings and demonstrate a deep understanding of how to be an effective coach and grow your business.



What We Will Be Covering

1 – 3 months

  • The power of Self Image as a coach and how to align with the right self-image for success as a coach.
  • The role your self-image plays in your abilities and techniques as a coach.
  • How to create and implement your personalized coaching identity for continued success.
  • Stepping into your role as a coach. The What, Why, and How.
  • Principles of the Millionaire Mindset and how to obtain high levels of success as a coach.



What We Will Be Covering

4 – 6 months

  • How to structure your coaching business for long-lasting success.
  • How to sell your coaching services (and who to sell to).
  • Marketing & Branding for high ticket coaching programs.
  • Organic growth techniques and how to drive more engagement with less work.
  • How to sell out your launch, every time, and the power behind the right sales pitch.
  • How to effectively scale your coaching business and when you should actually do that.



What We Will Be Covering

7 – 9 months

  • Sales practice and continued mentorship to help you confidently sell out your coaching offers, every launch.
  • Review of any course materials that would benefit you from repeating.
  • Introduction into the coaching business and continued opportunities to demonstrate your coaching skills via the certification process (number of coaching hours completed).
  • Credited hour review and support.
  • Certification final exams (can be completed beforehand with approval) from Kathleen.



“I’ve gained so much since Kathleen became my mentor both monetarily and emotionally.”


“I’ve gained so much since Kathleen became my mentor both monetarily and emotionally.”



Our number one goal is ensuring you are both confident and successful in your role as a new coach with the Diamond Academy Coaching Certification.

You are so supported in your ability to grow as a coach, business owner, and highly successful person throughout this certification.

Here are a few ways you are supported and held accountable throughout this certification:

  • Twice weekly Open Forum Q&A
  • Private Facebook group only for Certification Participants.
  • Daily available “office hours” from your guide, Kyla and weekly Q&A to keep you on track and successful.
  • Bi-Weekly Q&A Open Forum with Kathleen, where she will guide you on your implementation and your questions on the pillars of coaching and business success.
  • Self-paced lessons and worksheets for you to take in your own time. And yours to keep forever including updates.
  • Practicum activities to demonstrate your understanding of the materials and ability to apply each lesson in real time.



Get on the list for the next launch of this comprehensive transformative program.

Program is open for enrollment every 2 months. Limited seats as we only take on a small cohort to be able to fully support your initiation into this journey.

Don’t miss out on the next opportunity to learn first-hand from Kathleen Cameron and her team of trainers and experts. This is your chance to a part of the Diamond Academy and be completely supported by her and her experts in learning and launching your new coaching business.

How Long is the Program?

The certification is self-paced but has been developed to be a 9-month program. Ideally, the first 6 months are knowledge and application, and the last 3 months launching your business.

Does this Program Include Mentoring?

We have developed a learning structure that will support each student in the certification via twice-weekly open forum Q&As as well as community and peer resources.

How do I measure my success?

That is entirely up to you and what you want to achieve. Once you are certified and launch your coaching business you decide your goal and we help support you in achieving that. During the program, we will be providing you with a number of opportunities to demonstrate proficiency in the lessons and milestones to track your success.

I Have More Questions.

If you have more questions, please feel free to send an email to or or reach back out to your Success Coach.

Are there Payment Options?

We have pay in full option as well as payment plan options. Click on the “Reserve My Spot” for the options.

How do I know this is right for me?

This is entirely up to you! I would suggest you follow your intuition. I do know if you put in the work, you will see the results.